Spot the Difference Puzzle

Test Your Powers of Observation!

Every Spot the Difference book includes 17 fun and challenging picture puzzles featuring beautiful landscapes, adorable animals, exciting sports, and much more. These Spot the Difference puzzle books are a fun way to pass the time, and a great way to train your brain! How many differences can you find?

Case assortment : 4 titles x 6 pieces (shrink wrapped)

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  • Dimensions

    8.5 in. x 11 in. (21.5 cm x 28 cm)

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  • Features

    17 spot-the-difference picture puzzles and answer pages

  • Pages

    32 pages (full-color)

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    CAD 4.95


About this item

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE PUZZLES: Have fun while keeping your mind sharp with picture puzzles. Relax and spot the hidden differences in each colorful picture during work breaks, long road trips, commutes to school, and more.

SCREEN-FREE ENTERTAINMENT: Do you need a break from your computer, phone, or television screen? Rest your eyes and test your mind with picture puzzles. Spend hours going through interesting pictures and picking out the differences.

FUN WAY TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: Working on puzzles improves memory and concentration. Test your powers of observation and exercise your brain while solving fun picture puzzles in this spot the difference book.

GIFT IDEAS FOR PUZZLE LOVERS: If you have a puzzler in your life, this picture puzzle book set makes for a fun gift for any occasion like birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, and more. Watch your family have fun searching and finding all the differences

PACK OF 4 BOOKS: This puzzle book set comes with the first 4 volumes of our Spot the Difference series. Each book has 17 picture puzzles with 32 full-color pages filled with a variety of themes from landscapes to sports.


ITM-002609 ∙ Spot the Difference-Vol. 1: 6 pieces

ITM-002621 ∙ Spot the Difference-Vol. 2: 6 pieces

ITM-002627 ∙ Spot the Difference-Vol. 3: 6 pieces

ITM-002633 ∙ Spot the Difference-Vol. 4 : 6 pieces