Head Start Workbook Preschool

Playful Learning!

Available in a variety of subjects, from Printing to Math to Phonics, Head Start Workbooks are filled with fun educational exercises for children to practice their essential learning skills.

The Head Start Workbook series is the perfect complement to your child’s current learning plan and a great way to get ahead for the new year!

Case assortment : 4 titles x 6 pieces

ITM-005657 Head Start Wordbook Preschool : Math 6 pieces

ITM-005658 Head Start Wordbook Preschool : Phonics 6 pieces

ITM-005659 Head Start Wordbook Preschool : Printing 6 pieces

ITM-005660 Head Start Wordbook Preschool : Skills 6 pieces


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    8.5 in. x 11 in. (21.6 cm x 28 cm)

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    36 pages full color

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    Certificate of Achievement

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    CAD 4.95