Flash Cards

Learning Fun!

Kids can learn alongside their favorite characters with these fun Flash Cards! Each pack contains 36 cards with all sorts of activities, from addition and subtraction to memory games. The pack’s small size also makes for practical learning at home or on the go.

Case assortment: 5 titles

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  • Cards

    30 cards, 1 Instruction sheet

  • Features

    36 cards (full-color)

  • Units


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    $3.95 CAD


ITM-001258 ∙ Flash Cards-Memory Game Barbie

ITM-001259 ∙ Flash Cards-Memory Game Paw Patrol

ITM-001261 ∙ Flash Cards-Memory Game-Go Fish! My Little Pony

ITM-001256 ∙ Flash Cards – Paw Patrol

ITM-001264 ∙ Flash Cards-Memory Game-Robots in Disguise