Brain Busters Flash Cards

Quiz Time!

Test your knowledge of the ocean, nature, space, pets, and plenty of other cool topics with these fun-filled card games. Each box contains 30 cards with multiple choice, true or false, and trivia questions for hours of brain-busting fun with the whole family. Answer questions correctly to collect as many cards as possible: the player with the most cards at the end of the game wins!

Case assortment: 10 titles 3 each come on a clip strip

ITM-000020 ∙ Brain Buster Flash Cards – Environment: 3 pieces

ITM-000029 ∙ Brain Buster Flash Cards – Nature: 3 pieces

ITM-000014 ∙ Brain Buster Flash Cards – Creepy Crawlies: 3 pieces

ITM-000017 ∙ Brain Buster Flash Cards – Dinosaurs: 3 pieces

ITM-000038 ∙ Brain Buster Flash Cards – Space: 3 pieces

ITM-000035 ∙ Brain Buster Flash Cards – Pets: 3 pieces

ITM-000032 ∙ Brain Buster Flash Cards – Ocean Life: 3 pieces

ITM-000023 ∙ Brain Buster Flash Cards – Geography: 3 pieces

ITM-000041 ∙ Brain Buster Flash Cards – Sports: 3 pieces

ITM-000026 ∙ Brain Buster Flash Cards – Human Body: 3 pieces

Example covers only: assortment may vary. 

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  • Dimensions

    3.75 in. x 5.25 in. x 0.75 in. (9.5 cm x 13.3 cm x 1.9 cm)

  • Cards

    30 cards, 1 Instruction sheet

  • Units


  • SRP

    $4.95 CAD


About this item

FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Collect cards and learn with this fast-paced card game for kids. Keep everyone entertained during family game night or sleepovers with this fun card game for ages 6 and up.

TRIVIA GAME FOR KIDS: Each flash card features different style questions to test your knowledge. From multiple choice to true and false, this trivia card game will have you and your kids busting your brain for the answers.

LEARN COOL FACTS: Rather than using regular flash cards to learn, play this trivia game and learn about topics like ocean life, geography, anatomy, and animals while having fun. Your kids will learn important skills such as decision making and communication.

QUICK AND EASY TO PLAY: Teach your children how to play in minutes with simple instructions. Answer questions correctly to collect the trivia cards. Whoever collects the most cards wins the game.

BRAIN BUSTERS BUNDLE INCLUDES: Choose between two fantastic bundles. The first card game bundle includes card packs on the environment, creepy crawlies, geography, and pets. The second features card packs about the human body, ocean life, space, and dinosaurs.